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[AStarGamers] Tekkit Let's Play Series - Currently 5 Eps


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Hello All ! 123AstarGamers here :-P

A few weeks ago we started with our tekkit series. We've uploaded 5 episode so far with more being uploaded weekly! All our videos are filmed and rendered in 720p quality.


Join me (Flemingjp), Techmagic121 and BossXShuman as we delve into our 3 player adventure! During this series we'll be building our 'tech lab' and other suggested contraptions. Our videos aren't for beginners as we don't explain everything in the technic pack. Any feedback and suggestions are greatly suggested!

During our videos what we consider as boring will be edited (Stuff like extensive mining and building basic buildings)

About Us Lot:


Flemingjp - Aha im the deeped voiced one, understand tekkit pretty well, i wont really talk too much and will probably spend most of the episode avoiding mining and over complicating machines whilst you scream at the screen shout "Why?! My way so much better!!!"

Techmagic121 - The camera dude, knows tekkit pretty well, especially at Industrial Craft and Buildcraft and EE2 , he's the one who renders uploads and takes charge. He films with Sphax's PureBDCraft texture pack.

BossXShuman - Didnt know what tekkit was until we were on the server actually recording ! A pure vanilla styled player and is the one to watch when we ask him to build something overly complicated. Beware though, BossXShuman gets on a rage after eating fast food!

The Youtube Playlist And Videos

Our Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/123AStarGamers

Tekkit Video Playlist - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyFAx5L-OVz_7dKvfFsVrv3LpMEf-_3AA

Currently 5 Episodes

Feedback, Comments are appreciated, if you enjoyed our video a like would be great !

Thanks Guys !

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