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Potatocraft[PvP][25 Slots][Open][Factions][Essentials][Epicglass][No mods Removed]


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Server IP address: sc23.servercraft.co:3760

At Potatocraft we have a nice, Little community. we accept all types of people here, But keep in context, A good Reputation can help you here at times.

Rules: Like most servers we have rules. Do not try to bend and manipulate the rules around you.

Rule 1: No other mods are allowed to be installed besides Tekkit default.

Rule 2: Griefing is only allowed in Faction War Zones, It will prompt you when you enter one.

Rule 3: Asking administrators and moderators for items is not allowed.

Rule 4: Do not, In any circumstance use and Exploits or replication Bugs.

Rule 5:Stealing items in there block form is Allowed if unprotected. Do not destroy blocks to get to the Unprotected Container.

Rule 6: Use Common sense, really.

Rule 7: Absolutely no racism, or discrimination in any way.

Banned Items:

Nova Catalyst

Ignition Ring

Swift Wolfs Rending Gale


Red Morning Stars

Red Matter Hammers

Black Hole Band -Will be unbanned when Dupe bug is fixed

Void Ring - Will be unbanned when Dupe bug is fixed

Red matter Furnace - Will be unbanned when Dupe bug is fixed

Disk Drives (ComputerCraft) - Will be unbanned when Dupe bug is fixed

Destruction Catalyst

Mining Laser.

Quarry's - Plugin Conflict

* Collectors mark 2 and 3 might be disables soon*

Infernal Armour Chest Piece.

Exceptions - You can buy Hurricane boots from the Store for a hefty Price.

Server is up 24/7 unless we have to shut it down due to errors in the Server.

Plugins: Here is a brief list of plugins that the server uses.

All Essentials







Group manager.


Administrators - Zimboy39, Daynejr55, Kyle0692, Kinglimmywinks, Robotnix284, Buckhunter1996x

Moderators - Drsirdeath



Spawn City Halloween themed.


Knock back arena.

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Hi! A few things, some of the banned items aren't on the list, like the Evertide Amulet and the Watch of Flowing Time. Also, there aren't many mods/admins on the server anymore, and I have been playing for quite a while, and was wondering if you would like a new mod? Sorry for asking, just wondering. One other thing, SwiftWolf's Rending Gale should be sold in there store for an even heftier price than the Hurricane Boots. Thanks! And IGN is Synch24! :D

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