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[3.1.2]RippleCraft[PvP] [40Slots][Towny][Half EE][24/7]


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Our spawn Atm

We are with GladiusGaming. GladiusGaming is a new community we play many different games.

This is a towny/survival server that also has a survival aspect to it pretty much everything but spawn and towny towns is pvp/griefing and stealing allowed. So if you want to build and start a little community then make a towny town. If you want to be the survivalist then make the wild your home.

We are looking for mature players that just want to relax and enjoy minecraft.

Server Uptime 24/7


1. Owner Ripx666


1. No Hacking or cheating in any way.

2. No pvp/griefing towns unless at war

3. You can grief steal and pvp in the wild

4. Do not be annoying

5. Respect everyone on the server.

More maybe added in the future

Banned Items

Redmatter Armor

Quantum Armor makes pvp boring

Philosopher's Stone

Catalytic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide Amulet

Infernal Armor

Abyss Helmet

Harvest Goddess Band

Black Hole Band

Void Ring

Mercurial Eye

Ring of Arcana

Swiftwolf's Ring

Dark Matter Shears

Watch of Flowing Time

Volcanite Amulet

Dark Matter Hammer

Morning start

Red matter hammer

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm

World Anchor

Anchor Cart

Energy Collector II

Energy Collector III

Red matter Armor

More may be added or taken off in the future.

We have a server game still underdevelopment atm it is called Capture the Sponge. Two teams are tele to a battlefield with a empy inventory both teams are given a sponge and 3 mc days to build and hide their sponge. In the middle of the map there is a town which has some loot but it is also dangerous. After the 3mcdays boths teams can raid the other teams base. The team that gets the sponge is the winner and are given prizes :D


Essentials, Permpex, worldguard, worldedit and towny, Timeismoney, ModDrops

Server ip

Teamspeak ip

Website http://gladiusgaming.enjin.com/

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