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Tekkit Skyblock Let's Play - Whoop (Updated 22-10-2012)


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Well hello everyone!

I have decided to start my very own Tekkit Let's Play series, playing on a Skyblock map!

Playing the hard version of the map, and playing on hard difficulty, I'm hoping to get this series as fun as possible for everyone to watch!

It is my first video ever, so please bare with me!

Any bit of feedback is very much appriciated, both good and bad! So leave a comment in this thread or in the youtube comments!

Credit to the mapmaker: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1355086-surv-tekkit-skyblock-3500-downloads-also-pandoras-box-wip/

Episode 1: http://youtu.be/xcx4NGptChU -Euh.. FIRST!

I'm starting off, please bare with me on this one. First video's are the hardest I guess.

Episode 2: http://youtu.be/8RsLwxwfRbs -No Failure Allowed

This episode I'm tumbling down into the realm of failure!

Episode 3: http://youtu.be/aBJrpLdu91c -Nether First, Safety Later

Featuring flying mobs. And I venture into the Nether!

Episode 4: http://youtu.be/tt7WdGFCHg0 -What's the Matter

Alchemy! A skyblocks best friend!

Episode 5: http://youtu.be/7q-D-ZlHVp8 -Home Sweet Home

Expanding some more and seeking shelter!

Again: Please leave your thoughts about my videos in a comment! Either good and bad comments are welcome! This is for me to improve my videos, hopefully resulting in you guys enjoying them more! Thanks!

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Updated the OP to allow for a better episode overview.

And uploaded episode 4! I apologize for my lack of videos this week, had some RL stuff to take care off first. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for your interest for those who are watching my videos!

I have some big plans in mind for future episodes, so stay tuned!

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