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[3.1.2] DoctorCraft [Survival] [20 slots] [open]

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Welcome to our new Tekkit server, we've done this before, but now we are better than ever!!

This is a friendly community server we are looking for other friendly survival players to build along with and just have fun.


Owner - xThe_Doctorx

Co-Owner - Shadowreign2354

If you would like to become a staff member of this server, see the website and or forums for more info.


1. No grief (destruction of property, theft, use common sense.)

2. Respect the staff and players

3. You can only work with other people if it is unanimously agreed.

4. No murder (only pvp when it is unanimously agreed.)

5. Do not use contraband items.

6. No duping or glitching Items

7. Do not use the Destruction Catylist or the Catylict lens to destroy other players property.

Banned items:



3. Nova Catylists

4. Nova Cataclysms

5. Gem Armor

6. Industrial TNT

7. Cannons

Ip: play.teckserver.net:25575

Website: Soon to come

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