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[3.1.2] Ownedcraft Tekkit [Non-PVP][150 Slots][Open][Factions][EE Disabled] 24/


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Ownedcraft Tekkit Is Back: Now With Tekkit 3.1.2 Goodyness!

Server IP: Tekkit.Ownedcraft.Com:25565

This server is 24/7


Ownedcraft itself has been around since minecraft added multiplayer. We have strived since then to offer each individual who joins the best possible experience they can have when they enter one of our servers. With a Lag free experience and caring staff, we know that you will enjoy it here from the first time you chat to us.

With having over 1.5years of minecraft server experience, we assure you that our server, unlike many competitors has a very strong backbone, that help our server keep a 95.3% Uptime.

The Community around the server is very friendly and helpful, with admins and moderators encouraging players to start up a faction and make their machines as efficient as possible, to help reduce server lag.

Server IP: Tekkit.Ownedcraft.Com

Server Website:





Ownedcraft Tekkit runs a variety of server plugins that make your experience a whole lot more exciting, and rewarding. These plugins include:

  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • Hawkeye
  • LWC
  • MultiVerse
  • ChestShop
  • PermissionsEX
  • TekkitRestrict
  • WorldGuard
  • ProtectionStones
  • Buycraft
  • WorldBorder
  • Herochat
  • Craftbukkit++
  • Ownedcraft Specific Plugins
  • Citizens
  • And Many, many More!

You will often find we add a few plugins when we host special events, such as spleef and mob arena. During these events we will most likely activate a few extra plugins.

PVP ?:

Here on Ownedcraft Tekkit, we believe that you should be able to walk outside of your house, without the fear of being shot, killed, or bullied. Though there are some exceptions. We enable PVP on the Games world for whenever we are having a tournament or playing mob arena!

Special Events:

Sometimes we will run a few games. These include games of spleef, capture the flag, or simply just activating the mob arena plugin.

These are only online when an admin starts up a game, and will last until that person decides to turn it off.

You can Request for a game to come online, but do not be annoyed if they do not want to play.

Disabled Mods/Items:

To maintain a stable economy, and also a stable server tick rate, we have had to disable a few tekkit mods. We have selected to disable these few items due to the fact that they either ruin your game experience by making the gathering of resources too easy or just lag the server. These Include:

Disabled Mods:

  • Equivalent Exchange (A Few Items can Be Achieved by means of donating)
  • Wireless Redstone
  • ComputerCraft (Under Review)
  • IC2 ForceFields (Under Review)

Banned Items:

  • Crystal Chests - Cause FPS Lag due to it showing what items are in the chest. Diamond chests are the exact same, without the see-through feature
  • Timers/Sequencers/State Cells/Counters - Cause Lag if Left constantly on. These seriously reduce ticks, making your playing experience a whole lot worse
  • Block Breakers - These cause lag if used in the incorrect way, causing tick drops and fps lag.
  • Tesla Coils - These when used incorrectly can cause people to be innocently killed. Instead, please use the protectionstones plugin which disallows people to enter the area
  • Nukes/iTNT - Used to Grief Massive amounts of land **Ownedcraft Tip**: Nukes on this server are 4 times less powerful than regular TNT
  • Dimensional Anchors/World Anchors/Teleport Tethers - These leave chunks loaded, with lots of chunks loaded and many machines running in these loaded chunks, this causes massive amount of tick drop
  • Cannons/Dynamite/Mining Lasers/Sticky Dynamite - All These items can be used for griefing purposes, therefore we have banned the use of them
  • Tunnel Bores & Tunnel Bore Heads - These when left unattended can leave the landscape looking horrific, they can also be used for griefing

Restricted Items:

  • Quarries - The use of Quarries is only permitted in the Resource World. To Access the resource world you must be a trusted member!
  • Timers - The use of Timers is only permitted to people who are Trusted +. Though an admin must approve of the placement. A timer can only be hooked up to a maximum of 30 machines. If caught giving members the use of your timer, you will be temporarily banned.



  1. No Griefing
  2. No Hacking Mods/Clients
  3. No Capsing or Spamming
  4. Respect Everyone
  5. Refrain From Swearing or Inappropriate Language
  6. Under no circumstances can you be racist!
  7. Don't build to close too spawn
  8. No Dirt/Cobble Houses
  9. Always Repect Staff
  10. Don't Try to use banned items, we will find you, and when we find you, we will ban you
  11. And Most Of All Enjoy Yourself!

Voting Links:

We Reward everyone for voting for the server! We do so by giving you server cash, each vote will make you receive $500 (In Game Money Ofcourse). The following links are where you can vote for us!

Appealing A Ban:

Were you recently banned from the server? Did something you shouldn't have? Well all you gotta do is type up a ban appeal onto our forums. You can do so by heading to this link:




No Announcements At this moment in time!



This is the area in which you will spawn into, it contains all the vital information that you will need - Yes, its a volcano Lair!


Overview Of Volcano Lair:


Portal Area:

This is where you choose where you want to go to, The normal world for members, and the resource world for those who are trusted!


Staff Area:

This is the area where you can see all the members of staff infront of your eyes, with their Minecraft Skin!


The Molten Mug:

The Server's Own Small Self Service Bar!


**More Images Coming Soon!**


Something Happened? Want to Report an Issue? Or Just need to discuss about something? Here are a few links were you can contact us!

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