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Plot Area - Lag


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Hello, I own the server called Chillax Tekkit and we have this plot system area in our server on the spawn, recently a lot of people are purchasing plots from our online store (Buycraft). And people are buying and buying, just recently we noticed a drop of our TPS to like 0-1; Yea its normal for us to have like 6 TPS. Also when i get near the plots the plots either crash my client, lag my client, or boot me off. And even sometimes it will crash the server. We do not know how to solve this, we can not remove the plots because a lot of people's donations would of went to waste (to them). And we can't refund all the money, because if we did we wouldn't have any money for our payments. We know this lag is from lag machines and ect.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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