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[3.1.2]Nightcraft Tekkit Server[PvP/PvE][20 slots][Open][BOSEconomy, Factions]


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Server Rules:

No advertising other servers

No 1x1 towers

Cursing allowed in moderation, no spamming with it.

Don't beg for bed. Nights are fun too! :D

No claiming faction land near spawn

No camping spawn

No false alarms

Admin word is Law

Griefing & Raiding ALLOWED OUTSIDE towns.

Griefing & Raiding NOT ALLOWED INSIDE towns

Respect the admins and moderators

Please read forum post or Server info for information

No chat spam or begging for items

Read post for list of Banned items

Don't build onto others structures without asking.

Other than these which are very easy to follow, have a good time and get to surviving! :D

We have no mods disabled so go at it! Though, we do have a few banned items for destructive reasons.

Banned Items:

Nova Cataclysm -- Incredibly Destructive

Nova Catalyst -- Incredibly Destructive

RM Furnace -- Duplication

DM Furance -- Duplication

World Anchor -- Lag, will be placed by admin if needed

Nuke -- Incredibly Destructive

Dimensional Anchor -- Lag

Cannon -- Irritating to get rid of

Cannon Ball -- Not needed if Cannon is banned

DM Pedestal -- Global Effects

All Rings/Amulets -- OP, Used for griefing 90% of the time.












About the Server:

We've started up this server about a week and a half ago. Though this is far from our first run server. All of the admins have had over a years worth experience with making fun servers. We've invested a lot of thought into what would make the server funner for people to play. We are a relatively simply server right now and we handle issues on a case by case basis. We are looking for people who want to have a good time and join an awesome community of other players. But enough about details, join and have fun!

Uptime:The host we currently have is very reliable, we have 24/7 uptime with little lag. Any issues with lag will be immediately looked into and fixed.

Now that information is done, come in, join us, and have a good time!

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