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[3.1.2] AeroTek Server [PvP] [12] [Open] [Anti-Grief]


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AeroTek is an open (no white-list) server which is hosted 24/7.

Remember to visit AeroTek Website: http://aerotek.net63.net/.


AeroTek server doesn't allow grief, stealing and cheating. Read full

rule list below.

  • NO griefing
  • NO stealing
  • NO spamming
  • NO spawn killing
  • NO cheating
  • NO asking to get expensive stuff
  • NO any other acts that can annoy players

If you don't accept or violate top mentioned rules, operators can ban,

kick, jail or mute you.


Server has plenty of important plugins. Below list of them.

  • CoreProtect (main grief log and rollback plugin)
  • Essentials (main plugin for external commands)
  • GriefPrevention (main anti-grief plugin)
  • iBlock (main block ban plugin)
  • NoItem (plugin to ban some items)
  • LWC (plugin to lock doors, chests...)
  • Safe Creeper (to prevert creeper explosions)
  • VipSlots (with this plugin ops don't take any slot)
  • WorldEdit (to do awesome spawn houses)
  • WorldGuard (to protect some places and disable PvP in spawn)

Not all of them are for player use!


To join the server:

  • aeroxz.servegame.com

Join today!


Disabled blocks/items:

All explosives are banned. (Nova catalyst+calalysm, nuke, TNT, iTNT...)

Philosopher's stone is not banned, but don't grief with it.

Also bedrock is banned.

Any full mods are not banned!

How the server got started:

AeroTek started odd way. I started just private server, put IP to one

site and invited my friend to play. I started Minecraft and there was

players playing. I was amazed. So now the server is 24/7 public server.

Server uptime:

AeroTek runs 24/7, so feel free to join anytime!

Sometimes breaks to install plugins. But these rare.

The server community:

Server's total player amount is about 550-600 players.

The active player amount is 250-300.

The slot amount is only 12 because of lag.

And about the community:

Server has friendly community, just ask to play with someone and

he invited you to his house. The help you and sell you stuff.

Also operators are friendly and helpful. Feel free to ask help from them.

No White-List

Server hasn't got any white-list. So you can join without any form filling!





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