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Hi guys,

I'm really new to both Minecraft and Tekkit (started playing a few days ago and my first time ever trying Minecraf has been on a Tekkit server.) I'm trying to get by but there's still a lot of things to grasp. I've recently tried to set up an automated machinery that I however can't get to work properly.

What I'm trying to do is pull stacks of an item out of an energy condenser. Basically I want to withdraw more than one item, preferably an entire stack. So I've tried using Wooden Pipes and a Steam Engine which is rather slow, but I'm only getting one item and not the entire stack of items. I've searched around on google and saw alot of places saying that Filters would withdraw entire stacks for me, but I can't for the life of me figure out how they work or even what way is the correct one to place them. I've seen mentioning of needing Redstone Timers (which I don't really know what is) to activate them, but most I've read generally has me confused. The Tekkit Wikia wasn't much of help either. Maybe I'm just stupid.

So I'm wondering whether someone could, maybe, walk me through it, step by step: How do I get a filter to extract entire stacks of an item from an Energy Condenser?

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