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[3.1.2]Obsidian Turtle[PVP] [40 slots][ResidenceBukkit, LWC][No Mods Removed]Friendly Tekkit Server!


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IP address:

How we came about

After getting fed up with playing on other servers and then suddenly losing everything due to map resets, the owners (chpmerlin and kenny1) along with some friends decided to make our own server. Originally we never planned to open it to the public - it was going to be a private server, but we figured it would be more fun if we could build up a proper in-game community with players from all over the world - so we publicised it, and now many players from all around the world enjoy our server. Everybody is welcome!

Community and our world

Despite being relatively new, our server does have a thriving community. Players help each other build houses, offer each other advice - and the staff are always on hand to answer any questions or respond to any queries that you may have.

We see an influx of new users every day, and there are many regulars who come on frequently from all over the world, from South Korea and Australia to the USA, Scandinavia and Europe.

Anybody is welcome to join in and become a part of the community, as long as he/she is willing to respect our server rules.

What we have

  • Spawn - our Grand Builder, Holariam, spent a week building by hand an immense spawn building, which contains a Nether portal, server information, offices, and jail cells. It is massive!
  • Shop - Shop plots are free to all users, all you have to do is ask. In our multi-storey shopping centre you can trade any item for any item using Trade-O-Mats.
  • Residence - Worried your house might be griefed? Don't worry. You can easily use the ResidenceBukkit plugin that we have on our server to protect any area you might have. You can control many factors, including who can enter, who can build, who can use items etc...
  • LWC - this plugin allows you to lock any chests, condensers, furnaces, doors etc. that you may have so that nobody else can open them - you can also add or remove people from each chest, to control who can use them.
  • Hunger Games - we have a smallish Hunger Games arena where you can amicably fight other players to the death!
  • Events - we hold events for Hallowe'en, Christmas, Easter etc.
  • And much more... - come on and find out!

Server uptime

We are a 24/7 server, so we're up all the time! We restart occasionally to reduce lag, but we'll

always warn you.

Server rules

  • Griefing is not allowed. If you find a building somewhere, chances are someone's probably spent quite a bit of time working on it, and they're not going to be happy to come back and find it's been vandalised. If you have permission from the building owner, it's different.

  • Stealing is not allowed, with one exception: you may steal from players' chests if they have left them unprotected. It's easy to lock a chest - you type /lock and then you left-click the chest. If you don't want your stuff stolen, don't leave the chest unlocked.

  • Mild swearing is allowed (say you've just died and lost loads of stuff) - but nothing too offensive, and no calling players swear-words.

  • Bullying or harrassment of other players via chat or otherwise will not be tolerated - remember it's a game, and we're all here to heve fun.

  • PVP is allowed - certain areas such as spawn and the shop are no-PVP zones, and it's also possible to customise your house with the ResidenceBukkit plugin so that PVP is disallowed in your house. Please don't wait just outside spawn to kill newbies - it's not a very nice welcome.

  • Because PVP is allowed, any items taken by the killer on death are rightfully his / hers. The player is under no obligation to give your items back - obviously they may do if they want, but they have earnt the items by killing you! Do NOT pester moderators or owners to return the items to you, as this will not happen.

  • Please do not pester the owners to make you a moderator, make you an op, give you a coloured name, spawn you items or ban other players. If we want more moderators, we're perfectly capable of recruiting them ourselves. The only way to boost your chances are to behave responsibly, follow these rules, and become a helpful part of the community. It may seem harsh, but we will enforce this rule severely. We've had too many people pester us for these privileges, even from people who have only just joined that very same day!

  • Please respect the decision of the moderators and owners of the server - they're there to help you. That said, if you believe a moderator is abusing his / her privileges, please contact one of the owners (kenny1 or chpmerlin).

  • If you have any questions that are not covered here, or you would like to ask for help with something (this does not include asking for items!), feel free to contact an owner or a moderator in-game (the list is below).

  • We have tried hard to make sure that the server is secure, and free of loopholes - however, this is not a challenge. If you encounter any loopholes or glitches that allow you to cheat, please inform a moderator or owner - do not cheat. It makes the game less fun for you, and for everybody else.

  • Have fun, and enjoy the game!

Banned items

We have tried to keep this list to a minimum, however we have had no choice but to ban these items for the time being due to them either being used for griefing, duping or causing lag:

Nuke, TNT, iTNT, Evertide amulet, Volcanite amulet, Mining laser, Transmutation tablet, Zero ring, Ring of ignition, Ring of Arcana, Red morning star, RM hammer, DM hammer, Tunnel bore, Destruction catalyst, Nova catalyst, Catalytic lens, Red katar, World anchor.

Punishment for rule-breakers

  • Warning - If you've done something minor, you may be let off with a warning.

  • Jail -You may be jailed for a certain amount of time if you break a rule.

  • Temporary ban -If you've done something quite major, and jail just isn't working, we may ban you from the server for a day or two. Maybe just an hour. See this as a chance to reform!

  • BanThis is permanent - you will no longer be able to play on our server. If you feel we've been unfair, you may appeal your ban - but if it gets to this point, the chances are we've already given you more than your fair share of second chances.

Feel free to add me on Skype (caspian.merlin) or send me an e-mail ([email protected]) if you have any questions!

More info can be found on our website: www.obsidianturtle.nn.pe

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