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[Question] Tekkit With Steam Overlay?


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I've been wondering if there is any way to get the Steam overlay to work with Tekkit? I am always getting messages from friends and it's annoying having to tab out all of the time. If anyone knows could you please tell me how to go about this?


EDIT: I've been searching all over Google this morning, I can't find anything. Only how to get Minecraft to work with the Steam overlay.

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Pasting this from another thread with the same question... This has worked for me for the past hour or two.. overlay works and everything

1. Go to steam library and add non steam game/ Browse for the Javaw.eve file in either program files / program filesx86 and in the Java, Bin folder

2. Add it to steam and rename it what you want then right click and go to properties under "Target"

3. Download the linux/JAR file from the technic site and right click and create shortcut go to properties on the shortcut and copy the "Target"

4. Paste the target from the jar file shortcut into the steam game properties target after the -jar be sure to include the "'s at the beginning and end of the target you pasted.

im not the best at walk through's so if you need me to explain in better detail let me know

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