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[3.1.2]Stancraft.co[UPDATED][PvP][40 slots][Towny][MATURE]


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Stancraft.co Main server is now Towny!

After some discussion we decided that towny was a better fit for our server. Now we will see who will have the biggest kingdom on our fresh new world! Have I mention we also have the best and helpful staff ever! Come and join today!

Also, soon to be two more servers will be added to the Stancraft.co lineup. One of them will be a Hack/Mine. More details to come on how to join these!

Basic rules:

  • NO GRIEFING ALLOWED!! (No questions asked, ban.)
  • Don't be a douche. We are here to help and have fun.( Same outcome as above)
  • Pranking is allowed between mutual/friendly parties.

List of "restricted" items when "trusted":

  • Clicking of the philosopher's stone.
  • Evertide Amulet
  • Volcanite Amulet
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Catalysts and explosives won't damage world.

Limited Time Offer!

Donating $5 to help maintain and pay for the server(future upgrade to dedicated server in works). Will give zero restrictions to my server. All I ask in return is to learn your tekkit glitches, so I do not have to delete your chunk from the world. /buy for options on server!

*Abuse of powers will have them taken away and $5 returned.

Owner: Stanicle

Server details:


4196MB RAM

4096MB allocated for Minecraft


2 vCPUs


Runs on own fully virtualized Xen PV VPS.

LAG FREE (let me know of any instances)

24/7 (rarely goes down)


App for cell phone if any issues arise. Can fix on fly even at work.

Protection type plugins installed:

  • Hawkeye
  • World Guard
  • LWC
  • And more..

Fun Plugins installed:

  • Slot machines
  • Ultimate Poker
  • World Edit
  • Chest Shop
  • McJobs
  • Towny
  • Economy System
  • WAR (pvp arenas)
  • Hunger Games Mod (almost done with arena)
  • Dogtags
  • Spleef
  • As always, and more..

Also, make sure to visit the server's site for a seciton dedicated to youtube videos of all the important plugins.

From the old world the Pigs live!!


And last but not least. A twitch account that when I am away rotates through 1st person view of whos on.


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Since, everyone has been great so far joining. I am returning the favor with a server upgrade!! Protection overhaul and just some more fun plugins installed


Thanks again everyone for making this server great so far.

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Last night was fun 10 bans 10 minutes of all real griefers. A warning too they are all global mcbans, too. So, don't waste my time, please. I work enough as it is and 10 min is a lot.

Otherwise, server should be good from now on. I did a little coding :D

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I am sorry to anyone who has gotten griefed. From here on out you are not capable of griefing amulets/lens/rings/etc, spawn grief(wtih ee), red/dark matter works as a normal powerful sword. Dupe glitch is an auto-ban by detection. hacking in any kind on this server will have you broadcasted to everyone. Hunt him/her down I would say. Anyone notices any kind of griefing let me know and I will fix it quickly.

Thanks for your patience here!!


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Everyone make sure to check out the amazing new spawn area with an admin market at spawn!!'

Thanks again to Ivy!! This was all him!

(sorry do not have sphax updated for screenshots. too lazy with that. server itself is my priority. If you have any better screenshots please post them here.)



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Alright the time is now! (Well, actually the time I will allow it is at 3:30AM EST. 2 hrs from now)

Faction Wars is a go! Raiding and limited griefing(please don't go crazy destroying but def do a little damage to leave a mark tongue.png) allowed!

From this server after playing a awhile. You may be chosen as an elite few who get to join my 24/7 Tekkit Towny Server. No griefing here, but the goal is to build a kingdom! As big as we can get it. Very few will be selected for this!!

So, who will be the TOP FACTION!!! Dun-Dun-duunnnnnnnnnnn! lol

(please leave spawn alone or I will ban btw. not that i have backups of spawn I just cut/past now. Go raid someone instead. lol)

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Looks like TreeCorp is back in the lead! Can anyone keep them from the top spot?

Remember if factions isn;t your cup of tea. Play on the server get know and maybe you will get chosen to come over to the No Grief/White-listed Stancraft Towny Server!

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The server is back in business! As mentioned, I had no choice in going with a fresh world. The old world was so badly damaged and with and the new restrictions called for it. So a fresh start for pretty much a new server!

As of now the restrictions are as follows. You can not craft gem armor, rm/dm armor, red/dark tools/weapons/ morning star/ amulets/ rings/ explosives. I will be giving access to all items to donators, VIP, and staff. Faction lkeaders with access can hand out items to members who are trusted. No restricted item is to be used outside claimed land. If found, the penalty to the player and person who handed out the item will be severe.

Otherwise, everything is properly installed now. Including faction chat biggrin.png

Welcome back!,


(P.S. old world and towny world is linked to this world. For certain users I will bring some buildings over. That includes the pigs!!)



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I'm about to try out this server, but I have a VERY IMPORTANT RECCOMENDATION that I got the idea from when you mentioned the Factions war:

Just back up the world file right before the battle, fight, then delete the post-battle world, and replace it with the backup world :P

(of course, I have no idea if you can actually do that, so don't hate if you can't...)

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...Please try to fix it... I have this sort of thing where I get very annoyed when I accomplish nothing when I have the time; currently, I have gone through 2 servers, both failed, over my 4-day weekend. I really want to know how far the backup was, as again, I hate losing stuff, as it is 'un-accomplishing' what I did.

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Just like to bring this thread back from the dead without posting a new one.


The server has been going strong as a towny server. Always, welcoming new players into the fold. Do you have what it takes to create the largest nation?

Pictures to come!

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Some pics of our "WarIsland" warzone for tdm. One team starts on the ship. The other the small castle. Each have chests that restock themselves every so often. Various item chests scattered on land. Fun with big groups.

Setting up our "gladiator" arena for smaller ffa duels next.

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