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Looking a few gaming friends!


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Hello! My name is Tim. I am a 14 year old guy,and I am looking for a few fellow gaming friends to make Let's Plays with. Here are some requirements.

-You must be over 12 years old

-Has a decent computer with none to limited lag

-Can stay on task

-You must either be American or speak perfect english (No accents, other then British and Australian)

-You must have Skype and/or Steam, and Hamachi

-Can handle swearing

-You don't cheat

Ok. The only two systems that will be used is a Computer (Needed), and a PS3 (Doesn't matter)

Here's a list of some games we'd play.

-Minecraft (Needed)

-Technic and Tekkit (Needed)

-Garry's Mod (Wanted)

-Garry's Mod 13 (Wanted)

-Team Fortress 2 (Wanted)

-Terraria (Whatever)

So, that's it! Hope you'll join me! Contact me if you're interested, contact me!

Skype Name: timminermousley

Steam Name: BeadyLongLegs

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