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Automating the removal of items from the tunnel bore.


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Okay so im looking for a bit of help with getting the items the tunnel bore drops into the chest carts attached to it directly into my sorting system without having to maunally go to where they stopped and make 15 trips emptying out the carts by hand. My original plan was to have 5 tunnel bores side by side going 200 blocks deep then having 10 item unloaders placed precisely where the two carts attached would stop when the tunnel bore would be finished and then having the items pumped out of the unloader with a wooden pipe then going through a telport pipe set to the frequency of the the one to my sorter system. The main issue i have run into is that the unloader detects the tunnel bore as a cart itself and removes the bore head and everything inside of it. the only idea on how to fix that problem is to use the filter setting in the unloader and make it cobble,dirt,gravel,and marble. But then ide still have to get all the gems and ores from the chests which still kind of sucks. Also if there was just an ender chest cart mod it would solve everything because i could just have one of those on each then have another set up at my factory and pump everything inside that one into my sorter,but ive searched high and low and havent been able to find such a mod. Im sure someone has run into this problem before but i have found little to no help on google and searched these forums and couldn't find anything. Also maybe theres a way in the config files to make it so the unloader doesn't see the bore as a cart but im not sure. Any and all help and ideas are greatly apreciated,thanks! :)

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