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[Tekkit 3.1.2] NLTekkit US - NoLagTekkit.com [75 Slots] [iConomy] [Chestshops] [Custom Plugins]


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US Server: play.nolagtekkit.com

Uptime: 24/7 365 Days a Year

Server Specifications:

All NoLagTekkit Servers are dedicated servers hosted in a datacenter and have at minimum a Quad core i7 or Xeon E3 v2 @ 4.1Ghz, with no less than 16 GB of RAM a 120 GB SSD and 100MBPS Uplink to the web, Each server is backed up to the central JR Mainframe remotley every day.


Was created by JRNetwork due to a lot of tekkit servers been unstable, laggy and just downright dirty. JR have put in the effort and really pushed out a great server, no bugs, no lag, no crashes!


NLT uses a lot of custom plugins, these plugins are easily understandable in game and we are bringing out more in game tutorials on the plugins we use! :D

Some of the plugins that user will know are:


- iConomy

- GriefPrevention

- Worldguard

- SWatchdog


- No griefing

- No spamming

- Switch off machines when not in use

- No Racism

- No offensive language

Banned Items:

- Energy Collectors

- NovaCatalysts


- Mining Laser

Grey List:

You can login and play at NLTekkit but for full rights and access, LWC access etc please go to: http://reg.nolagtekkit.com

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Hello. I'm JitsuLeon. Tekkit is amazingly fun, i love playing it alot. I also prefer playing on white-list servers where there are no griefers or thief's. I feel this server is the one for me. take my response into consideration.

My Minecraft user name is: JitsuLeon

Please respond to my request to be white-listed.

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