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[3.1.2]Gooncraft Tekkit[PvE][40 slots][Factions][LWC][NoWhitelist][Restricted EE]


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Welcome to


(Video of our server!) ITS BAD ASS!

Gooncraft is an established tekkit server that has been running a few months now. We recently went through our (hopefully) last map change, so everything is still funky fresh! We're looking for any level of tekkit player to come and enjoy the lag-free environment, practiced and polished staff, and friendly playerbase.

Let's get right into it shall we? SERVER RULES:

No griefing, No stealing, No raiding, No begging (You'll be smitten to death), Respect Staff

Do not ask stupid questions of staff, No drop parties, No spamming, No caps

MUST build 500 blocks from spawn(If you don't it will be torn down and you will lose everything with NO refund.), No PvP (Unless it's an event or both parties agree)

NO NO NO blaze rod/bonemeal/UNCONTROLLED EMC farms (We don't mind controlled EMC farms)

Being caught with banned items is a ban-able offense.

We have NO disabled Mods!

Plugins actively running:

Group manager Spamgaurd Vault Cstaff Permissions Mobdisguise Citizens Alphachest

World Edit LWC World Guard Lottery Coreprotect Herochat Essentials Factions


*Nocheat (Heavily edited to allow compatibility with all of the tekkit mods, installation ETA is Oct 22nd)

Item restriction/banned item list:

Divining Rod 3/Philo Stone/Black Hole band/Nuke

All rings (Minus Swiftrend's, that is reserved for donors, as it is a CONVENIENCE, not a need.)

Dynamite (All forms)/Mining Laser/All AM relays

All Collectors (You get a package of THREE collectors for donating 5 bucks, ONLY OP's may place them, so condensing more will do you no good)

TnT (All forms, minus when the server hosts PvP events)

Catalysts (Anything that relates to Catalysts, or has the name Catalyst in it)

Merc Ring/Void Ring

DM Tools/Armor

RM tools/Armor

Evertide Amulet/Volcanic Amulet/World Anchor/Watch of Flowing Time/Cannon

We realize the list is fairly large, but it's to give our players a fairly large gulf between them and being griefed, as that's almost our sole job as admins/mods. If you don't like the list, complaining on the thread won't change our minds, but we will gladly accept the free bumps :)

Uptime of the server is 24/7. Minus when we perform maintenance which we do our best to let our players know when the server will be down and for how long.

Our current community consists of people of all varying ages and nationalities. Our mods/admins are ALL 16+ (Most of the admins are 18+.) We accept players of all types on the server, no experience/lots of experience, age 10 or 45, it's all fine as long as you obey the rules. The minimum age for applying for Mod is 16+, please refrain from asking in the thread, as you will be immediately and forever denied.

This is a 100% OPEN server, and always will be.

Here are a few snazzy pictures of our players homes (keep in mind this MAP has been around for a little more than a week, and this is what our players have accomplished!) (Sorry about the waypoints in them, I actually need them :D )


(sorry about the missing chunk :) )



OUR SPAWN :D We kept it simple so players would read the rules, and get the hell out, GO PLAY!


Join our community, enjoy the players and the game, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

We have Teamspeak, use skype in addition, and all the staff have STAFF emails that we check to ensure you can reach us. We have donor ranks (that ARE NOT needed to enjoy the server.)

The mods and admins CONSTANTLY check for cheating/stealing/griefing, all of them are instant ban no appeals, we have no mercy on cheaters/griefers. If you're not a cheater buttplug, feel free to join us :D


Our webpage http://www.gooncraftrp.com/

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Moderator Application


In real life age:Nine years old(Just no just don't decline me i'm quite good on the server

Why you want to be a moderator:This morning there was 4 of us ElizabethLOVE Hayden_48(I think) Me and I cant remember his name but he spammed us with Tpa's he came and I killed him with my diamond sword

And have been playing Tekkit for at least a year and a half I can help this server nicely I feel

Please Accept it Incarnate

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