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[3.1.2] Jake's Tekkit Server [PvP][20 Slots][PEX][LWC][iConomy]


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Jake's Tekkit Server!

You haven't seen a generic name until now!

Not-so 24/7 | Griefing allowed


  1. Don't ask for mod or admin
  2. Don't be a jerk
  3. Don't swear excessively
  4. Don't kill at spawn
  5. Live as far away from spawn as possible! (Recommended, not necessarily a rule)
  6. Be respectful
  7. Don't be homophobic / racist
  8. Be mature
  9. Don't hack / x-ray

Banned Items:

  1. RM Furnace
  2. Void Ring
  3. Black Hole Band
  4. Hyperkinetic Lens
  5. Catalytic Lens
  6. Nova Catalyst
  7. Nova Catalysm
  8. Red Morning Star
  9. Nuke
  10. Alchemical Tome


  1. PEX
  2. HomeSpawnPlus
  3. iConomy
  4. LWC
  5. MultiWorld
  6. RecipeRepo
  7. SignShop


  1. Jake198
  2. Bergarbeiter

Yes, this server does have griefing allowed, but we have LWC, which is wierd. I don't have a complete explanation, I'm guessing it's just my paranoia. Agh, text keeps changing sized on me..



Players can set up shops and set prices to their liking, but the shops at spawn are based off of EMC value. Each player starts out with $5,000. If one of the sign shops turns red, notify and admin please!



Sponges will be rewarded (without players asking) for good deeds and whatnot. They can be sold at the spawn shop for the same price as a diamond.



Timmy: I built a school for some blind and deaf orphans!

Admin: Take some sponges, fair peasant!


Server Times:

(Eastern Time Zone)

Week - Can be up from 3:00pm - 9:00pm (It depends though, sometimes I'll keep it up over night, and Friday follow's the weekend's time)

Weekend - Generally 24/7 on weekends.



Not a lot of ranks at the moment, but I have a suggestions page on my website. If you really want, you could leave a comment here too, but a comment on my website would be nice.



Welcome! I've been running my server for quite a while, and my friends and I sort of got bored with the usual bunch, so they recommended that I put it here. Currently I get (on average) around 5 people in the server at a time, and it's quite boring. We'd love to see some new faces around.



Our small, sad spawn, (and a cool volcano sunrise) complete with 3 levels, 2 for shopping, and 1 for lounging. It will hopefully grow over time.


I've had a lot of people come into my server before, as I had advertised it on PMC, the people who joined weren't necessarily friendly, and most of them stayed for about a week, then left, because there was "not enough player". I really hope to change this, so it's greatly appreciated if you'd come and stay for a while.

I don't know if there's much more to say, we hope to see you soon!

I think more stuff may be explained on my website, but I can't be sure. Leave a comment if you'd like.


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