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[3.1.2]PinesLaboratories[PvE][100 slots][Towny, LWC, MobBounty][No EE]Lets Get Testing


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I don't suggest playing on this server. The staff won't punish people who break obvious rules (A guy exploiting TPA to kill people when they said it isn't allowed) (A guy using the N word). They also refuse to do anything about griefers. I logged in today after 10+ hours playing yesterday to my house (That was supposedly protected by a town I created) griefed, and most importantly my chest with all my gems was looted dry. Even if my town "decayed" a locked chest should not have been lootable.

This is a griefer's galore server. They don't even have the ability to find out what players looted chests or broke blocks apparently, which are pretty basic mods for a bukkit server.

They are willing to lose a player so they don't have to replace a quarter stack of diamonds and a few of each ingot. So be it.

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