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Tekkit Server Troubles


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Hi guys, I'm new here and also new to tekkit. However, I've attempted to set up a tekkit server for me and some friends to play on but at the moment I'm the only one able to connect to the server. I've followed multiple tutorials to port forward and also make my IP static, and my port is now forwarded and the ip is now static, however no luck. I've made sure the port isn't in use by deleting any other minecraft services that were set up. Even my brother can't join and he's connected to the same router.

I have a netgear dgn2200 router, I also apologize in advance if this was the wrong thread to post this issue, I was unsure. Appreciate any help given, thanks :)

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You probably haven't portforwarded it probably. I had the same problem for some reason my static IP didn't work but I just changed traffic type to any. Did your brother try to connect to your static IP or the one that you use. (The static one is the one that you don't use right?) because your brother needs to connect to the one that you use.

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