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Technic Launcher crashes with Java SE 7


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When I login to the technic launcher, it launches tekkit but it crashes as soon as I do that. This only happens on Java SE 7, but I'm running a tekkit server so it requires java 7 otherwise I get unsupported minor version 51.0 with Nether Ores. I would also like to say I'm running a mac with OSX Lion/10.7 as well. I do not wish to remove the Nether Ores mod or any others. It also doesn't give me an error report form what I can see.

I used this forum's (http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/tekkit-crashes-when-i-launch-it.16891/) solution, but when I dragged Java 6 to the top, then exited, it didn't do anything, and when I reopened Java Preferences, it was back to the default. I tried different combinations, like dragging only 64, only 32, both, and disabling Java 7. All of them were restored to default when I reopened Java. Please help! I really want Nether Ores on my server!

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