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[3.1.2] Ozonelayer [PvP][56 Slots][iConomy][Grief Prevention][Few Banned Items]


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Server IP: ozonelayer.aurean.com

[Note] This server is using the latest Recommended build (3.1.2) of Tekkit. Please make sure you have 'Use Recommended builds' selected under 'Options' in the Technic Launcher. Download the Technic Launcher at technicpack.net.

Join our TeamSpeak 3 Server! We love to talk to everyone!

TeamSpeak Server IP:

Ozonelayer, is a community Tekkit server, where you must survive the fierce nights and build your nation. Raid unprotected players, and survive of anything and everything you can! Create your industries Protect your land, and gain 100 protection blocks per hour! Our server is 24/7, we've been up for a while, so there are a lot of stuff.

There is a town owned by mayoz, open to the public. If you would like to live there please notify him and he make you a plot as soon as possible. Players are welcoming and very nice! Please remember this server is legit. There are no spawned items, only owners have creative and we limit our use to making and improving the spawn. There are some banned items to prevent griefing.


Griefing is not allowed in protected areas.

No Asking For Items, Ranks, Creative, etc.

No Harassment

No Spamming

No Racism

No Sexism

No Pixel Art

Use Common Sense!


Note: Only the "Base Name" for each plugin is listed below.



Grief Prevention

World Edit

World Guard

Disable Craft


Group Manager


Coming Soon!


Website: http://www.aurean.com/

Forum: http://www.aurean.com/Forum

F.A.Q. Page: ozonelayer.aurean.com/faq.php

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hey mayoz i was just at mlgs base cuz im cool wit him and he said i could live there for a bit and pep knew i was cool with him but killed me then condensed my stuff so i was telling him to stopp being mean and he muted me, then bubba temp banned me for no reason. all it said for the reason was hi. they wont stop being mean and useing there powers for it.

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