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[3.1.2]-TechWorld-[PvE, No PVP][100 slots][Greylist][Econ, Towny, Grief Protection][No BC or EE]

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Server IP:


Welcome to TechWorld!

Techworld is the best and one of the largest Tekkit servers around with a friendly community of over 10,000 registered members, who closely work together to shape the world.

"This server is amazing, quite literally the best server I have ever played on."


Scotty Love, Noxcrew



The server is online 24/7 has a unique economy system and tons of towns.

What are you waiting for? Log in now as a guest and tour the server with your Tekkit client!


Great Community-

At Techworld the community is all that matters. We strive to keep a clean and fun community for everyone to enjoy! Only the best membership applications get accepted by us. Our players collaborate together in towns. There is always someone there whom you can join.

With the server economy, players are encouraged to interact with each other and form friendships in order to achieve their goals. Our community is unique because members and staff are always willing to help. The creative minds of our server spread creativity throughout the community. Even the site forums are active and fun!


Friendly Staff-

Our handpicked staff are dedicated to offer you the help and support you need to enjoy the game. There is always someone there to contact should you have any questions or are in need of assistance.

Server Owner: MasterGalen

Administrator: Zerotoxins

Moderator: Tuglowz

Moderator: iLoveLoosy12

Moderator: Brisingr17

Moderator: SuicidalEmbryo


Dedicated Server-

At Techworld we utilize a dedicated server with powerful hardware in order to ensure that there will be no interruptions for you as a player, especially with the resource intensive Tekkit mod pack running. Everything runs on dedicated hardware which gives us full control and a more predictable environment. With top-tier bandwidth providers our server stays up 99.9%.

Why join us?

•One of the largest Tekkit communities in existence - over 10,000 registered members, yet recently we've maintained the modest daily average of 20 people online at a time.

•Dedicated Server - 99.9% Uptime

•Grief Protection - HawkEye and Towny

•A unique money based economy with shops

•Great community

•Friendly and helpful staff

•Fully featured forums

•Teamspeak 3 Server

•Tons of plugins to enhance gameplay

This is a snippet of the staff guideline on accepting the right players-

It is essential that the server only allows players which are helpful, friendly and well-mannered. Players make up the community, and it is the community which makes our server stand out from all other Tekkit servers.

Techworld has a sophisticated application system. New players submit in a form on the website, which then gets saved to our database. Staff can then view those applications and simply click the "accept" or "reject" button. The rest is processed by the coding. The panel will display a warning if the player has previous bans. If everything goes well and the player is approved, the player will get promoted to Member automatically and an E-Mail will be sent out, notifying them that their app has been approved. If rejected, the application will be marked as rejected and an E-Mail will be sent out notifying and giving them the opportunity to apply again with an improved application.

Now...APPLY for the greylist below! Be at least a little serious about your applications as we are serious about the players we want.


Plugins- http://minecraft-techworld.com/wiki/Plugins


Player plugins-

•LWC - Lock your items. (Chests, machines, doors). Use /lock, /unlock. Modify player access with /cmodify [name...name]








•Showcase (/scs help)


•Dynmap- http://minecraft-techworld.com/map

Admin plugins-

These plugins are only for administrative purposes and can only be accessed by admins.



•World Guard















Themes and events-

In TechWorld there is no set-in-stone theme; the many towns which are and have been built range from incredible glass dome cities under the ocean, to towns floating high in the sky, to huge metropoles complete with boulevards and skyscrapers. The only theme you can count on is the theme of mass creativity!

In the past we've held events such as mass uu matter drop parties and on our PvP server "TechWars", we've held Hunger Games. With renewed interests in our server and a growing member base, we are planning on releasing a new "Fun World" made especially for events. Future event suggestions that have been brought to the table range from a server-wide railway system to a server-wide PvP mini map project and big town builds.

**The next event schedule on our brand new sister server is THE HUNGER GAMES!! Apply for this server-only event in the forums!**

All we need are players like you who are ready and excited to make a difference and really learn and play with this amazing mod pack we call Tekkit!

Server and General Rules- http://minecraft-techworld.com/wiki/Rules

•Respect all mods, admins, and owners.

•No griefing allowed. All blocks are logged.

•No stealing. Not from chests, even if they are unlocked, nor from houses even if the owner appears to have left.

•No asking for materials or favors from mods, admins, and owners.

•No flymod or X-ray or any other type of hack. Players who use any hack will be permanently banned on sight.

•Do not spam or type in all CAPS.

•Do not intrude or build on another players claimed area without permission.

•No offensive language or insulting other players.

•Any exploitation of glitches will be SEVERELY punished and may result in a ban. You MUST report to an admin immediately.

Gameplay related rules-

•Do not build 1x1 towers, "nerd poles", "noob towers", etc They're an eyesore and ruin the landscape.

•No floating trees, it's an eyesore.

•Mob grinders are illegal, due to the unfair advantage which they give to players, as well as the lag they generate.

•Do not build near spawn or founded towns/outposts. 500 block minimum distance.

•You may not claim an ender portal as your private property.

•You may not build player traps or kill other players in another way (eg.suffocating them with sand). Doing so will get you banned. Animal/Mob traps must be appropriately marked with signs, warning other players.

If you accidentally trigger a creeper explosion and blow up someone else's property, you are responsible for repairing the damage. Otherwise, this will be treated as griefing and may get you banned.

•Death or item loss due to Nano Suits will not get you reimbursed. They are glitched. You have been warned.

•Any nether related deaths will not be reimbursed. It's all too easy to end up in lava. We recommend you to return to the Overworld before logging out to be on the safe side.

Spleef Rules-

•You may not teleport out of the arena during a game.

•You may not use a Jetpack to fly out.

•You may not use the teleport compass to teleport out of the arena.

•Breaking the rules will get you jailed and fined Credits.

Anti-lag rules-

•Cable Loop setups are illegal. They will result in a 1 day tempban and a fine of 100 Credits. Your set-up will be removed and you will not be reimbursed for any losses.

•Builders may not be used to clear areas.

•BuildCraft is disabled currently because of lag.

It is punishable:

•Leaving complicated machinery running while logged off.

•Leaving Timers running even when they are not actually doing anything.

•Timer set below 1 second.

•Not having master shut off switches for your machines.

Punishments will vary depending on severity. Repeatedly breaking the rules will get you banned.

Getting along with others-

•If somebody tells you to stay away and stay off their claimed land then please listen and don't harass them.

•If you don't want to get robbed, lock it. Looting unlocked chests anywhere is illegal. The thief will get punished but is not forced to return the items, or if he gets banned, you will not be reimbursed. Again, just lock your chests.

•Trespassing in houses that are inside towns is not allowed.

•Player traps are not allowed.

•If you and some others share a chest and they take it all, then that's your own problem because you gave them permission. Only give access to your chests to those whom you trust.

•Scamming and lying- You really need to ask? Grow up, be mature, and get along without backstabbing each other.


•If you are going to be inactive for longer than a week, please make a post about it on the forums, telling us when you will be back.

•If you do not inform us of your inactivity and are inactive for longer than a week, then your house in a city and your shop may be removed, without reimbursement when you return.

•If you're the mayor of a city, power may be transferred to another player.


•If a player has been banned for one week, property and other items may be removed by staff only.

•Looting items from banned players or dismantling their builds will be treated as normal grief and stealing.

For all donors (VIP, VIP+, Elite)-

*To get this out of the way, you do NOT donate to become staff on this server. To become part of the staff you must demonstrate character, helpfulness, responsibility, maturity, trustworthiness, and friendliness. It is a privilege and honor to be a mod or admin of this server, not a right. To view more information on what it takes to be a mod, see below in "staff requirements".*

•Do not teleport outside the world border with /tppos. Doing so may see you lose VIP status as it causes server strain to load chunks far away from the map.

•You may not place Computers, Turtles, etc. for non-VIPs. Doing so will lose you VIP status, without getting a refund.

VIP+ and Elite Rank only-

•VIP+ and Elite ranks have the opportunity to use the compass teleport plugin. Use the compass at your own risk! You will not be reimbursed if you die.

•You mustn't give "/stacked" items to non VIP+s or Elites. Doing so will see you lose VIP or Elite status.

•Do not trespass into other people's property without permission with the compass. You will be fined credits. Repeat offences will see you losing your VIP status, without getting a refund.


*These rules may changed at any time. They will be announced on the forums at minecraft-techworld.com/forums , but it is up to you to check them regularly.*

Mods removed/disabled from the base Tekkit Pack-


•BuildCraft, Additional Pipes. This will be re-added in the upcoming server wipe. RedPower pneumatic and redstone tubes are more efficient at assembly line automation anyway.

•EquivalentExchange. We feel that this is too OP for our legitimate survival server.

Here is a post on how to live without BuildCraft and EquivalentExchange: http://minecraft-techworld.com/forum/topic/13310-read-how-to-survive-without-buildcraft-and-equivalentexchange/

•Balkon's Weapon Mod.

This is a non-PvP server, so having weapons mod is redundant. IndustrialCraft includes better armor and weapons to deal with mobs.

•Computer Craft (Donors Only).

Computer Craft is exclusive to donors currently, as malicious code can be written, which can crash the server. When people invest real currency, they are MUCH less likely to grief and abuse their tools.

•Dimensional Anchors-

This mod contains blocks which force chunks to stay loaded (dimensional/world anchors). This uses up unnecessary server resources and has been disabled in order to prevent lag.

Banned items-


This is a list of items which are disabled on the server. If you feel like an item is disabled unjustly, please open a discussion up about it at the feedback page here: http://techworld.uservoice.com/

Vanilla Minecraft-

TNT - Griefing Tool

Industrial Craft

Mining laser - Disabled as it can be abused to break even locked chests with LWC. (See included plugins below).

Trade-O-Mat - You can simply create a Shop with a Showcase. (/scs)

Personal Safes - You can lock normal chests with LWC.

Nuke - Griefing Tool


Dynamite - Griefing Tool

RedPower 2-

Block breaker. Causes to much lag since players make a ton of them for cobble generators, add them to frames to make large mining machines, etc.

Deployers used for bucket/windmill farms.


Ender Chests - A bug with them causes the server to crash.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post. I recommend you take advantage of the graylist guest opportunity into the server if only just to explore the massive spawn square and look at some creations that have been built around our world.

See you there!



Staff requirements-

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the staff of this server, consider filling out an application for moderator in our forums. Been a mod or admin on countless other servers before? This will be the most effort you've put in to try to gain this position. After you've become well-known, helpful, and nice on the server, make this post in the appropriate section of the forums. Note: Even the staff play legitimately on this server, moderators cannot spawn items in. If accepted to a staff position, you will be banned just as quickly as any other player if you break the rules.

•The topic title must be [Mod Application] YOUR MINECRAFT NAME HERE.

•You must have been on this server for more than 7 days. (More than 14 is preferred)

•You must have built noteworthy structure(s)

•You must be helpful and be an accepted member of the community.

•You must have proper English, grammar, and spelling skills.

•You must be 14 years of age or older and be able to act mature.

•You must not cheat/antagonize other users (We will scan the logs for this!)

•Donors are preferred as it shows that they have a more vested interest in the server.

•You must have read through the Staff Guidelines thoroughly and will follow them at all times.

•You must have Skype and actively use it, or be willing to use it, if you get accepted.

Things you MUST include:

•What timezone are you in?

•How old are you?

•Are you familiar with Minecraft? How long have you played? What about Tekkit-wise?

•How long have you been playing on Techworld?

•About how long are you able to play on the server each day?

•Have you made any cool/nice buildings on our server/elsewhere? If so please screenshot and post picture.

•Why do you want to become a mod? Convince us.

•Include a link to any of your previous Application threads.

•Did you read the Staff Guidelines and do you agree to follow them at all times? Do you have Skype and do you regularly use it or plan to, if you get accepted?

If you feel you feel you don't meet any of these requirements, please don't apply! It will only waste our time and your efforts! This does not mean you can't help in more indirect ways though, such as answering questions in the chat and helping other players.

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