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Zombie's Tower schematic

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Well was my first build and I spent a lot of time perfecting it. I had to redo half the building by hand and the whole inside was done block by block. There are 20 Floors and 4 rooms per floor. Each room has a kitchen, dining, living, bedroom, and office. Also each floor has a light switch and there is a switch for the elevator lights and the whole outside lights as well.

Plugins: Lift ( elevator )

The Height limit needs to be raised to 300 and the basement is included so drop down 15 blocks or so.

LB Photo Real Texture Pack

If anything is wrong let me know.







Download Schematic


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If you saw it unfinished then you might notice all the changes I made. I added lapis and marble with carpet to added some depth and color to a once all grey building. I also redid the elevator to give it a more simple look.

If you like the changes let me know or if you have downloaded it and have it up.


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