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What tekkit items should i ban?


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Hey all

Getting ready to reopen my server after a nasty bug screwed my world. One thing i learned the first time around was players get pissy over banned items. I was using the tekkitcustomizer mod for item banning on default settings. I game perms to my vip group for certain items but the dang mod wouldn't allow them the use of the items or even hold them. So this time around im gonna try eliteblocker and see how it goes. If you know of a easier item banning mod with the ability to give certain groups banned items please feel free to tell me about it. I have already tried tekkitrestrict and didn't care for it much.

What i need to know at this time is: What items in tekkit cause server lag? I at one point unbanned everything and the server started crying and then kicking everyone. Which items specifically cause bad lag?

Thanks in advance.

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I think the first question you need to ask yourself is what type of server do I want to run .. pvp/pve griefing/non-griefing economy/non-economy etc etc

Then you need to ban items according to the type of server.

Specifically a lot of EE items have no place on non-griefing servers, collectors and emc machines ruin economy servers and mods like balkons have little place on a pve server.

As for lag, the majority are caused by emc machines which are built because collectors get banned.

BC pipes can cause a lot of lag but banning or removing the entire BC mod is a really bad idea.

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To eliminate lag the first things to go are dimensional anchors and teleport tethers.

I'd also get rid of all of EE. Have mobs drop covalence dusts, maybe. Energy collectors should especially be banned.

Nano sabers and silk touch should also go on the list.

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Anchors noted thanks.

Obviously players love EE for whatever economy wrecking reasons... so i can't remove it all. I am simply wondering what items in tekkit are know

to cause severe lag. I am pretty sure computercraft does.

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