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Spoutcraft Update got rid of my Mods!


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I started up my Tekkit on the Technic Launcher, and it said there was an update for Spoutcraft (or Sproutcraft) and I updated. Now every time I open Tekkit, it says I only have 3 Mods loaded, Optifine, Forge Mod Loader, mod_codechickencore, mod_MinecraftForge, and mod_NotEnoughItems. Because of this, I cannot join my friends Tekkit server, because it says I need other mods, such as Buildcraft and Industrialcraft. Does anybody know how to fix this? I've tried redownloading the Launcher, and I don't see any problems with my other games like Technic and Hack/Mine. The folder still has all the mods, but none of them seem to load. Does anybody know how to get these mods to load?

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