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[3.1.2] Verse Games [No-PvP][100 Slots][Open][Towny][EE Enabled]

Verse Games

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The Verse Games tekkit server is a brand new server that incorporates many commonly used plugins. Our server is online 24/7 (except for occasional maintenance). Thanks to our own dedicated development team, we have our very own custom plugins to enhance gameplay. We also have made many changes to the game, correcting a lot of lag issues, fixing duplication glitches, fixing bugs, etc. Verse Games believes the players should be able to use the items they want to, we let them do this by minimizing our banned items list, and by having Equivalent Exchange ENABLED!


- Towny

- BOSEconomy

- Hawkeye

- Showcase

- HeroChat


The Verse Games community is a friendly, PG environment. Because we are brand new, we can't say we have a great community, but we sure are looking forward to having one! Our staff members will always be there to help, just ask! We hope to see you on the server!





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shit server got banned for advertising when i wasn't so pissed off they said i was getting banned for 1 day it's been 3 months so pissed off unban me now or else i will find the person that banned me and i will force them to unban me myself thats if they don't unban me willingly themselves

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