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[3.1.2]Deathcraft[PVE w/ Limited PVP][20 slots][Open][iConomy, PreciousStones] [No mods removed]


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Server Ip:

As we all know rules are required for any server to run smoothly so here are our rules.

1. PVP is allowed but not in or around people's homes or structures.

2. There is no griefing or raiding allowed.

3. Do not spam our chat.

4. Do not advertise other servers here. (You can talk about servers but no positng IP's or websites. It's a common courtesy we don't allow our people to advertise on other servers so don't advertise on ours :) )

5. Do Not ask for OP we do not give out OP freely and it only ever goes to staff who are very trusted. There are admin applications on the forums for that.

6. Be respectful to all players whether the person is new or is staff. All should be respected.

7. The most important rule... HAVE FUN!

There are no mods that are disabled from Tekkit. But there are items that are restricted to prevent griefing and server lag!

Plugins that we have include iConomy, PreciousStones, LWC, Logblock, and of course MCbans.

Our server is up 24/7 with times posted on the forums when server maintenance is being performed.

Banned items: These items are banned due to OP for pvp, have a high possibility of griefing, and or causes the server massive amounts of lag.

Nova Cataclysm

Nova Catalyst

Quatum armor (Full Set)

Dark Matter pedastal

Red Matter Armor (Full Set)

Infernal Armor

Abyss Helmet

Gravity Greaves

Hurricane Boots

Watch of Flowing Time

Volcanite Amulet

Evertide Amulet

Zero Ring

Ring of Arcana

Turtles (Due to past experience with them).

All Chunk Loaders (World Anchor, Dimmensional Anchor, Anchor Carts, Teleport Tethers)

Black Hole Band

Ring of Ignition

Hyperkinetic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Catalytic Lens

Alchemical Tome

Mercurial Eye

Mining Laser

Dynamite (all forms)

Some RM tools (Katar, Morning Star, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hammer)

Block Breaker and Quarry



We have building contests every week or so that allows our players to show their stuff. As well as having mini games that anyone can compete in. We also have raffles that players can put in and win themselves a steam game.

Our server is focused around having fun and being fun. There is no need to make an application to become a member just join our website. No matter the person or their opinion all are welcome but intolerance of others will not be tolerated, we are a friendly server with friendly people and we'd like to keep it that way. With committed staff members to making the experience of the server better for everyone we are constantly improving the server. Though the most important part of our server will always be the members. All of our members are extremely creative and innovative making the experience and our spawn even better.

Our website is: Highwaytodeathcraft.enjin.com


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Het bright_fury here and i would love to be staff in your server, first reason i should be moderator or any other rank in staff is i always follow rules, another reason is i always like to give advice to people to make their expierience in the server better ( wont give items) , lastly i am great at building and by the way i like to help in any way i can

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This server is.... well pretty amazing although sometimes you may not be able o figure something out, the great staff is there to help, lots of great builders and amzing friends on Deathcraft, and it would be great to have anyone reading this to join and stay for at least 10 min. to see how awesome it is :-]

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This server is a very good server. I was an admin along with the the staff here when we were on another server. I've been pretty bored with tekkit lately and have too much going on, so I won't apply for staff here, but it is the ONLY tekkit server left that I actually enjoy playing on. I can honestly say the staff are great people, as are most of the members that I know. They've taken great care of this server so far and it looks incredible. The staff are very knowledgeable of how to run a server properly and effectively and are very fair. The list of banned items is quite fair and I fully agree with all of them, having been an admin and op on several servers and having my own private server. It's not that popular yet, but that's one reason it has a post here. Let's make this the most popular tekkit server ever, because let's face it, no other server can compare to this!

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This is the best server I've ever had the honor to play not just servers that I've played on the technic launcher but also in vanilla minecraft. The admins and owners are really nice and cool you can get on the server and have a fun conversation with the admins, owners, and just regular players like me. If your scared of getting griefed don't worry about it the server is protected by mcbanns so any griefing will go on the player whom griefed's record, plus if you do get griefed the mods, admins, or owners can do a rollback so you dont lose any items which in the unlikly case that you do get griefed is a nice scense of security that you will get your items back and also they will be where the violator broke the item so if they broke an item and you cant remember where it went the rollback will take care of it.One of my favorite parts about the server tho is the helpful staff and the great members they will help you out if you forgot a recipe or something along those lines me myself I'm pretty much set on the server I have a castle and alot of stuff so if your on and see me on and need some help just say so i will supply a reasonable amount of materials in which you ask for and will try and help with all your needs:D so have fun on the server if you choose to join it really is all that I just said it was so just remember if you like the server and would like to be a part of it don't grief otherwise have fun make friends and relax its minecraft:D.

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