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[3.1.2]JollyCraft[PvP (more below)][20 slots][CoreProtect,McMMO,WorldGuard][No mods removed]


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Hey, welcome to Jolly Craft! Since you're reading this, I guess you're bored of playing on all of those annoying open servers who let loads of griefers on, and people killing you every 5 seconds. Well, here at JollyCraft, we don't like that. Neither did I actually. On such bad servers they might as well be called GriefCraft. So, me and a few friends, we had an idea. I was the base of the idea, so I started up the server. My friends, are admins and mods. You, can have the privilege of being on a non grief server with a growing community.

Server IP


Server Rules:

1) NO racial abuse.

2) Be polite.

3) Have respect for each other.

4) No griefing.

5) Be sure to ask the staff if you need any help.

6) If you want your house protecting, just ask the owner or an admin (the owner knows how, the admins need training... lol.)

7) Replant trees on the server.

8) PVP Is enabled, however, you must return the other players things. This is to avoid the hassle of every single player starting a war with someone who is impossible to beat so they can get their yellow flower back that someone stole from them..

There are NO mods removed from the ordinary tekkit game. However, there are a few banned items:

1) Red Morning Star

2) Infernal Armor (just the chestplate)

3) Catalytic Lens

4) Hyperkinetic Lens

5) Destruction Catalyst

6) Nuke

7) Nova Catalysm

8) Nova Catalyst

These are all because of the issue to roll them back if used improperly (not that there is any proper way to use a bomb). The only thing that is banned because of reasons non related to grief is:

9) World Anchor

The following item(s) are going to be banned if used in any improper way.

10) Mining Laser

A little bit more into the creation of the server,

So, me and my friends, we're no super players. We don't invent mods, texture packs, maps, or even skins. We're just ordinary tekkiters looking for a challenge. I decided to go with a good host, and then try and build up a good community. We also did this for fun, because we believe that you deserve the right to have fun. Not chatting to people then a griefer popping up infront of you and bombing you. We mean plain old fun. Just playing tekkit, having a chat, building something nice, and doing what you want. We try not to restrict things for you, but there are certain lines to be drawn in certain places. We frown upon the servers who ban pretty much everything from EE or IC2 Craft; I say that they might as well as be playing normal minecraft. But we want to play tekkit. And you'd better want to, too.


CoreProtect: A state of the art rollback plugin with small room for improvement. This is the ultimate rollback plugin that makes us determined to catch who we need to.

WorldGuard: This is the plugin that protects your houses. It is arguably the second most important plugin on the server, after...

Essentials: The complete package. An amazing package of commands, and the best plugin ever. I'd recommend this to anyone.

WorldEdit: If you have never heard of this then you have never played tekkit. This plugin is used to make just about anything, including some of the things in the pictures later on.

Upcoming events:

We do host a weekly building competition, but this isn't really getting any views, let alone posts.

Pictures: It's what you've been waiting for...


So anyways, guys, have a good time! Apply for the server at jhwarbystekkit.enjin.com ! There is an app on the webpage, and I ask you to apply for the server there, not here. I won't be looking at this forum often. Good luck and have fun!

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Ok guys, I should probably say that this is now a vanilla minecraft server. If it had to be a tekkit server, then I would have to ban literally every item, which I don't want to do. If you still want to apply, which would be great, the site is now jhwarbysminecraft.enjin.com . I don't know how to get this post off the forums, I'm hoping that one of the forum admins might do that, but ya know... Anyways, you're still welcome to apply for my vanilla server... ;)

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