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Hi there! Cookie Craft is now open to public after blood sweat and tears in our effort to make our server. We have been working on plugins to make the player have goals and accomplishments throughout there game play on our servers. On top of that we have a working slot machine system that will get you money or items!.



We have good admins our admins will help with any problem from grief to bugs. We encourage our admins to be friendly and always be helpful.

We have a working website and have linked it to the server for the most recent news and updates on the server! If you want to join please go to our website at

www.icookiecraft.enjin.com hope to see you there!

So what are you waiting for? come on and join the community and help us populate!


Banneditems:Equivalent Exchange:

Red Matter Furnaces - Duplication bug

Destruction Catalysts - Bypass grief prevention

Red Morning Star - Bypass grief prevention

Dark and Red Matter Hammers - Bypass grief prevention

Abyss Helmet, Infernal Armour and Gravity Greaves

Watch of Flowing Time - In game nuisance, prevents troll abuse.

Transmutation Tablets - Duplication glitches.


Mining Lasers - Bypass grief prevention

Force Fields (Extension) - Bypass grief prevention and Lag

from ideal.

Nukes and ITNT - No Explosives permitted

Teleporters - Lag

Water Strainers (Extension) - Lag

Teleport Tether (Extension) - Lag


Builders - Can place banned items

Fillers - Can place banned items

Landmarks - Permissions can be bought, associated with quarry rights due to use in resizing.


Deployers - Can place banned items.

Block Breakers - Lag, possible bypass grief prevention

Sequencers - Lag

Computer - An extremely potent tool for lag.

Timers - No longer banned, but no timings of less than 2 seconds.

Wireless Redstone:

Everything - Lag, but potential for partial use in future.

REP - Can bypass PVP protections.


Everything - An extremely potent tool for lag, and the ability to directly intefere with server files.


World Anchors - Adds to server load by upping the loaded chunk count. Formerly buyable, now intolerable.

Miscellaneous Mods:

Ender Chests - Lag and can bypass grief prevention



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