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We here at Ionic Craft are looking for qualified applicants to receive a staff position on our currently open to a special few server. The server official open date is not yet set, as we do not know how long getting everything together will take. We are looking for people who are or over the age of 16. You must carry yourself in a mature manner and have great problem solving skills.

What you need to do:

Go to our website http://ioniccraft.com/ register, and set up a enjin profile if you haven't already. Take a look around the site and try to get as familiar with the server so you can be educated for our interview with you via skype. You must also have a microphone and a skype account. You also need to apply under the forums, and go into the staff application area. You may also read through the staff material as it may help you in your interview.

Interviews will be held this Friday, at or around 4:00 pm pacific standard time. Once you apply on the site you will get a specific interview time so we can make sure to have good one on one time to talk to you. Good luck and we hope to speak with you soon!

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The server is not open to the public yet, and will not be for some time. The users on now, are not fully adequate to the standard that we would like to hold our staff members to. They are "testers", they report to me any problems we have permisions, interface, or any other problems they see fit to be reported.

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