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[1.0.10] Ample Gaming Hexxit - Factions - PVP - Economy - 24/7 Dedicated - 45 Slots


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Ample Gaming Hexxit


IP: hexxit.amplegaming.com

Website: http://amplegaming.com/


We are a factions PVP based server who focuses mainly on that image. We combine the diversity of the Hexxit mods with the thrills and fun of a faction-based PVP server.

Join the fun now! No whitelist, jump right into the wild and start playing immediately!


Useful links:

Buycraft: http://www.buycraft.net/amplegaming



[1] Be respectful
[2] Be ethical
[3] Use common sense
[4] No spamming
[5] No hacking/cheating
[6] No advertising
[7] No spawn camping
[8] No asking for free stuff, or ranks


Server Specs:

Intel Pentium G850 2.9Ghz

6GB Dedicated RAM

Unlimited world storage space


More info to come!

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