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Let's build a Tekkit city!

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What's up, guys?

I have played tekkit for a while now, but survial or creative, there comes a point of time where I have no idea what to do next.

I'm looking for 2-4 players whom to build a fully self-functional tekkit city with.

I have a server running, area cleared for the city (50400 blocks) and Hamachi for connection.

There will be 25 different buildings in the city. I have made the detailed planning and there is also a miniature model of the city which will help us while building.

Example of a building: Supermarket. There will be shops of all kind (clothing, tools, etc) which will be supplied by automated crafting machines which will be supplied by a factory with sorting machines which will be supplied by quarrys, farms, etc. Most of the piping will be underground covering the whole area of the city. I think this will be a cool project. Who's with me? :)

Who am I looking for this team?

1 person with good know-how of computercraft

1 person with a good sense of architecture

1 person with good know-how of redpower

Myself, I will take on industrialcraft.


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