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Nether Crawler - 6-axis Exploration Vehicle [Video]


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Watch it here!

The above link is to the last in a 6 part mini-series chronicling the build of the Nether Crawler, an autonomous vehicle built in the Nether and designed with the Nether's unique challenges in mind.

Some features of the build:

- 6-axis movement capability courtesy of support frames and motors

- 4 on-board thermopiles generating blutricity for the motors

- forcefields protecting the bottom and sides of the vehicle

- front facing forcefield with block cutter upgrade allows the vehicle to bore through solid objects

- two forward facing TNT launchers

- 8 deployers serving as "bomb bays"

- automated ammunition management for bomb bays (load and unload, select ammunition type)

- all systems centrally controlled by RP computer

I had been posting the videos for this build in the Let's Play section until I realized that these are not Let's Play videos. I do the building and then I make videos showcasing the outcomes and discussing plans for the next steps in the build. No punching grass or beating on mobs with pickaxes in any of my videos ;D

If you enjoy this video and would like to see the videos leading up to it, my entire Tekkit series is organized into a playlist on my channel that you are welcome to browse to your liking.


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