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"Update Failed!" Message appears, using Ubuntu.

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So I was playing on my friends server when my inventory started screwing around, in that everything kept jumping around in my inventory and I couldn't place things in a crafting bench. So, as my technologically-declined brain told me to do, PRESS RANDOM BUTTONS! I then activated SensorNet, which I got rid of by clearing the cache, but then whenever I try to log onto Tekkit now, it comes up with the "Updating minecraft.jar x%" bar, then when it's gone to 100% a few times, says "Update Failed!". I reinstalled the launcher a few times, rebooted a few times and changed the data allowance and nothing worked.

I am using Ubuntu and have the latest Java and Minecraft versions.


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some ellse had this problem(the update thing), it's a server-side problem, this is what you need to do...

Crimento is right it is a serverside issue but there is a fix for it. Just look here.

Incase you can't be bothered to read the link above and just want to fix it quickly basically it says...

Download this Minecraft jar (http://assets.minecraft.net/1_2_5/minecraft.jar) and rename it to minecraft_1.2.5 then put it into this folder %appdata%\.techniclauncher\cache and then start downloading it from the Technic launcher like you would normaly.

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