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Frames keep disapearing.


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I am running a tekkit server for me and my friends and whenever i make a frame contraption it works fine for a day then bits of frame just disappear. When it happens the frames that disappear stay still and the rest of the contraption moves then the two frames slide into each other and then they combine into one. It's getting really annoying. There are no error messages in the log. I have had a problem with redpower before where the server kept crashing with this(LINK) error.

Mineos is really wired where the server.jar is stored in a different folder than the folder for everything else. Most of the mods are fine with this but with redpower you have to have a redpower folder in the normal place AND one in the folder with all the .jars and i think they have just come out of sync. Probably creating a dynamic link should do it.

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