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CCSensors? How do I do this?

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OK, I've been playing tekkit for a while now and have everything set up where pretty much anything is within my power.

I was trying to make a central control area for my base with two separate monitors.

I have both of the monitors in place and on one of them I wanted some things displaying, such as the weather, who is online (because it's a server) and maybe some other cool things, such as the time.

On the other I wanted to have displayed some info about my industrial-craft items and/or my equivalent exchange items. For example if my MFSU's are fully charged or if my klienstar is fully charged.

Now I understand what I need to do this, yet I don't know how to code this.

I have never understood coding and even when I sat down to try and learn how I would be able to do this sort of thing I just ended up getting even more confused.

So I ask if anyone can write some programs to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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In my experience, ccSensors doesn't work well with SMP at all. There's a bug that won't let you rename the sensors, so you can only ever have one. I did find a mod somewhere that allows you to rename them with a console command, but even with the fix for renaming sensors, ccSensors was causing crashes on clients every few hours and was flooding the server logs with errors and debug messages. I just uninstalled it, unfortunately, because that mod could be amazing.

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