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Alternative Tekkit Launcher.Exe Fix and Matmos Update[Windows]


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Before I get on with it I can not guarantee that this will work for everyone but it worked for myself and I use Windows 7 Ultimate.This goes for anyone that cant get the Launcher to run or start.

Download the Linux/jar. File and the TechnicLauncher.Exe

Run the Linux/Jar.File if your able to run the jar launcher and let it install the .TechnicLauncher folder and its contents (jar,mods,etc) and ofcourse log in so that it installs the jar and mods for whatever your going to play.Should be able to play fine. I play Tekkit as an example.

Now for Windows 7 go to Home/AppData/Roaming/.TechnicLauncher

(For Windows XP) just click start menu click "Run" and enter %appdata%. To locate your .minecraft and .TechnicLauncher Folders.

Next open the .TechnicLauncher folder and at the top your see a Folder called "Cache"

This folder contains all of the Installed mods and jar that the client loaded with whatever your planning on playing via Technic/Tekkit etc.

Delete everything in the "Cache" folder and close it out.Then Run the TechnicLauncher.Exe and pick whatever your going to play (technic/Tekkit etc.) and log in so it can update.It should now work and also fix the Matmos Update aswell.

This Worked for me and I hope this can help anyone if it does.

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