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In Need Of a New Minecraft Skin!


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So i need some help i am horrible with the minecraft skin editor and cant make my own if someone would be so kind as to make me one that would be amazing! i want it to look like the one i have now just change the eye colors and the back to the letters AA in white and change the eyes to Brown!

My skin -

or this to see it closer -

if someone can do this would i would be very grateful!

Check out my channel - http://www.youtube.com/JimmehxS

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I may be able to help you. I don't do skins professionally, however I make my skins. (I personally like the gratitude and pride in my work) I would gladly make a skin for you. However, I can only do Medieval/Steampunk/Fantasy skins. Let me know which genre you would like and I'll think of something!

My Skin (I'm going to use this one forever): http://imgur.com/kkfCw

I've done a few other skins, they are on Planet Minecraft... Most of those are horrible in my opinion, that was when I was just getting started.

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