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Tekkit Adventures [Virtual Life Gaming]


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Hello gamers, and especially female gamers (if that still exists :( )

My (nick)name is antkiller1 and I wanted to present you my little channel, VirtualLifeGaming!

This channel was created almost a year ago, but we started with intense uploading 2 months ago...

We played a lot of games for channel, but one of my favorites is Tekkit

Yeah, we uploaded only one episode so far, but I have 11 more prepared!

Also, we are from Croatia, so it's pretty hard to upload on 20-30kbps... That's the reason for 1-2 videos per week

Episode 1:


If I reach 100 subs, I will include facecam in videos :)

Check out other videos on my channel too, and if you like it, give us a thumb up, comment, subscribe and tell your friends, family, creepers, NPC Villagers and everyone else to subscribe too!

WARNING: Some jokes may be a bit racist, but not in serious way or anything like that

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