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[3.1.2]Super Fun Time Tekkit[PvE][50 slots][Open][Worldguard][Limited EE]


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Super Fun Time is a minecraft-based gaming community established in 2010. We have multiple minecraft gameservers and now a Tekkit server!

Server IP: tekkit.superfuntime.org

Our admins:


About SFT Tekkit:

Here, at Super Fun Time we are huge fans of the Survival gamemode. We started with minecraft but we wanted more! And Tekkit helped us get our fix. By joining our server, you will find a survival server with balanced economy, a friendly and welcoming community and a dedicated staff team to protect your builds from griefers. We use WorldGuard as our protection plugin, because we've always thought the human touch should be preserved in the game. Fear not! You will never have to call twice to get your build protected. We have numerous Moderators and Admins that will help you at your first call.

We are constantly working on improving the server and fixing any gameplay balance issues. We have a staff-ran store called the "Emporium" and our currency is the "EMC"

Server specs:

Our server is hosted on a core i5 2500k cpu with 24GB of ram and 100mbps internet connection. Our gaming community has 3 servers hosted at proffesional datacenters. All our servers are owned and not rented.


  • We have two worlds: One that is used for building and mining and the second that is used strictly for mining and is reset on a monthly basis.


  • WorldGuard and Deadbolt for protection
  • iConomy for economy
  • Custom proprietary plugins for administration and griefer detection

Disabled tekkit features:

  • WorldAnchors
  • Timers

Our spawntown:


We look forward playing with you!

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