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Voltz needs reviving!


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Hi all,

I've been wanting to make a post about Voltz for some time.

I find it pretty appalling how a server that doesn't get more than five players on a day gets control of a modpack they don't care about and didn't create. I wish Calclavia was still in charge of Voltz but sadly he isn't, JAC Gaming are - to be specific RedFastGaming is one of there developers.


What I think would be productive towards the revival of Voltz, is for JAC Gaming to hand over development to Oblivion Voltz as they're the leading server at the moment. Even though I own my own Voltz server, I wouldn't want the responsibility of such a task. Plus Oblivion have a massive staff team and I trust that they would revive Voltz a lot better than JAC Gaming can.

Sadly, its impossible for the Technic to just give Voltz to Oblivion. It would need JAC Gamings approval, however if anyone on here can contact RedFast it'd be much appricated considering Voltz is dying and needs some more players.


Thanks for reading, and if you're a Voltz player - Check my server out voltz.blood-linemc.net 

Kind regards,


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