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[3.1.2] ThinkSquare [PvP][22 slots][Anti-Grief][Factions][Full EE*][Econ.][DynMap][Mumble]


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*** Update - Spawn is currently under some new construction. We're working on building a full-fledged server city! This holds some exciting new changes in store. We've also added Factions which means we now permit PvP on the server. We'll update the banners ASAP ***

ThinkSquare strives to bring you the most pure Tekkit experience possible. A lot of servers claim to have "Tekkit," but they have some of the coolest features disabled. The main reason we've found that servers do this is for "balance" or because Equivalent Exchange is "Overpowered."

At ThinkSquare we respond to that with, "Who cares?" Isn't the concept of Tekkit as a whole to have so many diamonds you don't know what to do with them? To build an empire so large the likes of which Donald Trump has never seen? We think so. In our searches we found a devastatingly large lack of "Pure Tekkit" servers. The ones that tried end up going offline after a few weeks or months. We've been through Alpha testing and we're currently in Beta. With your help, we're here to stay!

We currently have a small dedicated player base. We average 5-8 people on all the time. We tend to peak around 12-15 players in the evenings. Here's what you need to know.




Main: thinksquaremc.com

Support: help.thinksquaremc.com

DynMap: play.thinksquaremc.com:8125

Forums: forums.thinksquaremc.com

MEMBERSHIP: We've had some confusion with how to get build rights/membership. The spawn point is littered with signs that ask new players to type "/rules" and read the rules. If you follow the sign and read all the rules you will get promoted to member without admin interference. It's an automatic promotion system simply to ensure that you've read the rules. Cheers!

Server Rules:

We kindly ask that you follow the rules and do your best to adhere to any guidelines a staff member gives you. This will help ensure that everybody has a good time “crafting it up” in the world of Tekkit!

  • Be Respectful
  • Claim Your Land
  • No Griefing. Period.
  • No Computercraft/Turtle Loops
  • Do Not Abuse Game Mechanics
  • If You Find a Glitch, Report It At Our Support Site
  • No Harassment.
  • All Machines Must Be Turned Off When You Log Out.
  • All Players Are Limited to ONE Quarry Each
  • Absolutely NO Cobblestone Farms. These Will Result In An Insta-Ban!!
  • Keep Machines/Wiring Free of Loops and Item Overflow
  • Excessively Large Quarries or Problematic Machines Will Be Dealt With As Staff Sees Fit
  • All Players Are Expected to Register on the Forums
  • Use RedPower Tubing instead of BuildCraft whenever possible.
  • Do Not Advertise Your Own Server
  • Timers are limited to 2 seconds.
  • Use Solar Arrays instead of Panels whenever possible.
  • Now that you've read the rules. When you get in game type “/pw iaccept” to be granted membership!

Restricted Items:

These specific items made this list because we feel in doing so we create an overall better atmosphere for our players. We strive to repair stability issues, and only resort to disabling items when the problems with the item far exceed their benefits. We will be patching some of these items and returning back to you as we move forward.

  • Jetpacks - Does not properly deplete. Large quantities of flying causes server read/writes to rocket. Use "/ability list" to rent flight.
  • Iron Shovel - We don't know why or how, but iron shovels are glitched. They will crash your client and corrupt your user files. This has been reproduced on the Technic Forums.
  • Evertide Amulet - Bypasses anti-grief to place water in protected areas without permission.
  • Infernal Armor - Bypasses anti-grief to destroy blocks in protected areas without permission.
  • Abyss Helmet - Calls lightning to injure players even when PvP is off.
  • Harvest Goddess Band - Bypasses anti-grief to grow and harvest in protected areas without permission.
  • Black Hole Band - Bypasses anti-grief to remove water in protected areas without permission.
  • Void Ring - Key ingredient in an item duplication exploit that can harm server performance.
  • Ring of Arcana - Bypasses anti-grief to change blocks in protected areas without permission.
  • Watch of Flowing Time - Can be used to sabotage another player's automated processes by altering speed of components.
  • Volcanite Amulet - Bypasses anti-grief to place lava in protected areas without permission.
  • Cannon - Bypasses anti-grief to break blocks in protected areas without permission.
  • Turtle - Bypasses anti-grief to build in protected areas without permission.
  • Igniter - Bypasses anti-grief to set fire in protected areas without permission.
  • Anchors - Consumes extra server memory, which may slow or crash the server.
  • Feed Station - Unattended animal breeding can result in animal overload, severely slowing the server.
  • Tunnel Bores & Attachments - The Tunnel Bore bypasses anti-grief to break blocks in protected areas without permission.
  • Industrial & Howler Alarm - May be turned up very loud and then hidden or protected to grief players.
  • Dark Matter Pedestal - Fills the server log very quickly when activated, potentially running the server out of storage allocation and causing a crash.
  • Nuke - You're joking, right? Destruction on a mass scale for no other reason than, well, destruction on a mass scale.
  • Terraformers - Bypasses anti-grief protection to change blocks on claimed land on a MASSIVE scale.
  • Wireless Redstone - Fills the server log very quickly when activated, potentially running the server out of storage allocation and causing a crash.
  • Quarries - These are strictly limited to ONE per player.
  • Absolutely NO Cobblestone Farms. These will result in an insta-ban!

Limited Items:

  • Swiftwolf's Ring - The knockback effect enables animal theft. Free flying creates excessive server read/write. This can be rented w/ in-game currency.
  • Quantum Armor - We feel this armor is catastrophically overpowered. Nearly all it's benefits can be obtained through EE items. For this reason, this has been restricted to Elite status [rank] to wear as a badge of honor.

EE items have been patched so that we can monitor the block changes they make. They can be rolled back, and they will not modify owned property. So make sure you claim your land!

Notable Plugins:

Uptime = 24/7 with the exception of occasional maintenance. Server world is automatically backed up every four [4] hours to a RAID SSD. If there is to be any downtime it will be posted on the website beforehand.

Useful Tid-Bits

- There are a few ranks on ThinkSquare that are obtained simply by playing on the server.

They go in this order:

Member > Newb > Explorer > Adventurer > Citizen > Trusted > Veteran > Elite


- There are nice perks you can buy/rent on the server. Personal Teleporation, Health, Food, Multiple Homes, God Mode, Flight, Hats, etc. There will be more to come.



- Every starts off with 20 Talents. This is the in-game currency. The only way to obtain $$ is to play on the server. You accrue 10 Talents for every hour you actively play. AFK does not count! Currency can be gained by buying/selling on the Global Market as well. You can also purchase in-game currency with Real $$ on the website.


- Death is rough, especially when it's due to lava. Optional death insurance is available upon dying in Lava or Fire. When you die you will be presented with the option to purchase item insurance with in-game currency.


We will update this thread regularly to make sure it stays as up-to-date as possible!

We hope to see you on the server!

*Full EE more appropriately would mean “Virtually Full EE.” Nearly every single feature of EE is enabled; however, the only items that aren’t were disabled for glitch/bug/performance reasons. These primarily consist of rings & amulets.

Here are some recent in-game screenshots:




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We've recently had some players submit help tickets for an issue that resulted in random kicks for AFK. Several players report they were not, in fact, AFK. We also received a few reports starting last night - when new players joined they got kicked for AFK immediately. We have looked into the issue and made a few changes to the AFK system. You should no longer have this issue.

If you continue to have an issue of some sort, please, submit a ticket at help.thinksquaremc.com.

Also, for updates on server changes, etc - Check the Server Update Thread Here

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Just a quick update. If anybody was previously trying to get on the server but couldn't reach it: We recently had a series of problems with our host getting attacked via DDOS. We have migrated to new hosts and so far they've exceeded our expectations. The server is up and running like a charm. It stays up 24/7 with a reboot every morning at 2am CST. Come join us! :)

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