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Revive Tekkit Classic!


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Hey! Do you remember those times you used to play tekkit hard with your friends or alone, building, crafting, making factories, playing day and night, getting your firs bean of coffee or iridium??  Well, sad and obvious news, those times have passed... But i really want you to remember them and revive tekkit classic, no matter how old or who are you, I want you and your friends to spread the message "Come back to tekkit classic!". We might get all of those players back up and maybe have some fun, but only with YOUR help! So, without wasting time, go and do that! (Thanks for your time)

By the way, do you remember popular DNT server?? If you do you know that it has been down for a long time.. BUT, I, Gabris, Can bring it back alive (maybe better) but in other name. So if you are interested to play again, check out my other thread about that server.



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I agree think. Remember when it was a challenge. Now, pretty much everyone on servers have full Quantum or Gem armour with the best Weapons and Rings. Also have EMC Farms/PowerFlowers producing a sh*t load of Red Matter in seconds.

Think the problem was that because the mods wasn't updating, the modpack wasn't either. If the modders brought their mods up to say 1.7.10 maybe 1.8 and update the modpack then Tekkit Classic will make a historic comeback dominating the modpack world once again! But the chances of that are close to if not 0%



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