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Importing error at Compile-time


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Hello, My name is Teitokun.

Now that introductions are done I would like to ask for some help.

I am trying to modify a item in the tekkit mod (Specifically IC2).

The code itself seems fine, but I cannot tell since I am having a issue importing a certain class file from a jar.


I am using NetBeans IDE 7.2

I have imported all the necessary Jars that my mod requires (method wise).

The specific error is importing the mod_IC2.class file that resides within the industrial-craft 2 client when you use IC2 exclusively, and when using tekkit, it is inside the tekkit.jar itself.

I have loaded the jar inside the IDE as a source and the other files residing within it are imported completely fine. This seems to be the only issue I am having.

If you have any ideas, or have had the same issue and found a remedy please either post or contact me via PM.

Thank you for your time.

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