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Invisible tekkit blocks!

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Hi guys I hope you can help...

I have a small (max 20) tekkit server and a few weeks ago me and the other players noticed that the transport pipes and some of the other tekkit blocks were there (you would glitch at them) but invisible. We tried resetting the map, removing world anchors - someone suggested that it might be logblock so we removed that and it is still happening. As you can imagine this has gone from quirky to very very annoying.

I've looked through the server log and there are no errors when loading the invisible blocks. These are the current plugins - essentials, vanishnopacket, lockette, world edit and guard, useful villagers, command book, lagtest, lag clear. The villagers and lag plugins were added after the problem started so it's not them. The others have been on since day one and we have had no problems until now.

We are out of ideas - does anyone know what is happening or how to fix this?


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