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[3.1.2] DuncsWeb Tekkit [100 Slots][All Skill Levels Welcome][Towns][Economy][Friendly]


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TL;DR IP: tk.duncsweb.com

Hello fellow Tekkit players! We're an Established Minecraft Community that have been playing since February 2011, and have rose in popularity to have very successful servers!

We pride ourselves on the Community, so much so that when they asked us to make a Tekkit Server, we couldn't say no!


We welcome all skill levels! Don't know anything about Tekkit? Right at the Spawn we have a fully fledged tutorial area to get you started. Already know Tekkit? Theres a path for you to get going into the world at Spawn too!

We have:

  • Dedicated Hardware (We rent and control the entire box, not some cheap silly hosting shared with other people)
  • 24/7 Gameplay (You'll EXTREMELY rarely see the Player Count at 0)
  • 24/7 Forums
  • 24/7 Chat Room
  • 24/7 32 Slot TeamSpeak
  • Established Userbase with an Established Rank System
  • Help Pages
  • Live Stream showcasing work and answering questions
  • Constant Updates and New Features
  • Competitions
  • Friendly and helpful Staff
  • Friendly and helpful Players
  • 6000 member website, and over 15,000 players passing through all our servers each month

We mainly run:

  • Towny
  • iConomy
  • mcMMO
  • MoneyDrop - Earn money from mobs!

Our main rules (selected from 20):

  • Respect other players
  • 3 maximum block breakers per autofarm
  • No Client Hacking
  • No Spam of any kind
  • We speak english, so you speak english


We're looking forward to seeing you in-game!

TL;DR IP: tk.duncsweb.com

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Three worlds, one to mine, one to build in a town and an open world (this has condensers and loads of cool stuff in it!)

The mine world is for mining, this links in with the build world. Most economy ruining plugins are disabled in these two worlds, basically no EE.

The build world is for building in a town, this is just brilliant. You can either play safe in the build world or... you can go one step further.

The newly released open world, which is a full PVP world, housing items such as Balkons Weapon Mod, Condensers, Collectors, Relays, Transmutation Tablets, RM/DM Furnaces and so much more!

What about economy, I hear you say?

Well, the mine world and build world have a seperate inventory! This means if you're looking for a challenge in obtaining items, the build world is the place to go. If you're just looking for somewhere to get loads of cool shizzle whizzle, then the open world is perfect. Economy is still strong on this server, therefore I strongly recommend you to check this server out. It's got balance, and equivelant exchange on at the same time!

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Here is our banned item list:

Note: This may look like a lot, we don't ban things for our enjoyment, we do it for your enjoyment! We want to protect our Server and Players, but we want you to have fun too, so check out the open world!


Enhanced Red Matter Armour - Extremely Overpowered.

QuantumSuit Armour - Extremely Overpowered.


Nano Saber - Overpowered.

Mining Laser - Bypasses Towny.

All Tekkit TNT - Bypasses Towny/Overpowered.

Knives - Bypasses Towny.

Guns - Bypasses Towny.

Dynamite - Bypasses Towny.

Sticky Dynamite - Bypasses Towny.

Blowguns - Bypasses Towny.

Crossbows - Bypasses Towny.

Spears - Bypasses Towny.

Fire Rod - Bypasses Towny.

Destruction Catalyst - Bypasses Towny.


Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (Given in kits to Sponsors and above)

All Amulets - Too overpowered, can bypass towny.

All Rings .- Can bypass towny - SwiftWolf Rending Gale given to VIP++ and above via their kits

Philosophers Stone - Bypasses Towny.

Collectors - Overpowered.

Relays (EE Relays) - Overpowered.

Condenser - Overpowered.

RedPower Computers - Can cause harm to the server.

Mining Turtle - Can damage towns.

Industrial Diamond - Overpowered.

Buildcraft Pipes - Can cause harm to the server.

Automatic Crafting Benches - Dupe bug

Transmutation Tablet


Divining Rod

Tunnel Bore

Gem Of Eternal Density

Red Morning Star

World Anchor

RM/DM Furnaces


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The server rework was quite a success. The new economy that's been developed is nice and on it's way, and there aren't economy breaking items. It really goes to show you the dedication of the community when they can pick them selves up and start anew with enthusiasm.

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