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Mod Request ---Tekkit Warfare---[Formatted][Dev Needed]

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Plugin category:
Tekkit, Pvp

Suggested name: TekkitWarfare

What I want:
I want a plugin that is a fun plugin for a 24/7 games server, to start off the player does /race and is put into a race when there are 8 players a 30 second timer will start then the games will begin.

Once you enter the games u will have your race items and will have a 15 second grace period before the pvp begins, but u can join any times but once u join u r stuck in the "Cornocopia" until the gates automatically open then u can play the other people. When u kill some1 u get 1 Point, each round lasts for 15 mins then the person with the most point wins.

I would like that there will be 8 main classes with Mk1 (normal users) MK2 (Mk2 donors) and Mk3 (Mk3 donors) (perm for each Mk level) [All customisable items they get in config]

U can not change race in game and u dont drop items when u die.

This is EXTREMLY BREIF as i would like some people to reply and state what they think (i would like improvement ideas and criticism)

Ideas for commands:

example /race Sniper MK1

/race Sniper MK2 etc

Ideas for permissions:
race.sniper.Mk1 etc etc.

When I'd like it by:
i just want to see your thoughts

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