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[3.1.2]OlympiaMC - [24/7][Factions][iConomy][MobBounty][mcMMO]


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Welcome to OlympiaMC!

SERVER IP: olympiamc.no-ip.org:26025

WEBSITE URL: olympiamc.enjin.com

This is a remake of Cujocraft, which was a popular Tekkit server a few months ago.

I worked my way through the ranks to Admin, and then the server died off.

Well, I, Im_Zeus, am here to bring it back to life!



  • Respect our players, including staff
  • No caps lock in chat
  • No spamming
  • No griefing spawn, just everything else
  • No excessive griefing(no world-holes)
  • No 1x1 or 2x2 towers
  • If you build a tnt cannon, then destroy it

Banned Items:

  • RM Furnace
  • RM Boots and Legs
  • Rings except Swiftwolf
  • Life and Soul Stones
  • Hyperkinetic Lens
  • Catalytic Lens
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • (USE)Philosophers' Stone
  • Nuke
  • Nova Catalyst
  • Nova Cataclysm
  • Quantum Chest and Legs
  • Others I can't remember atm...


  • Factions
  • Jobz
  • iConomy
  • MobBounty
  • mcMMO

Our Rank System:

  • New
  • Member*
  • VIP*
  • VIP+*
  • Mod
  • Admin
  • Owner

*A guide of what is required for each promotion is in the guide section on our website.

Other Info:

Creeper block damage is disabled.

More to come soon.

SERVER IP: olympiamc.no-ip.org:26025

WEBSITE URL: olympiamc.enjin.com

We hope you will give our server a chance. If you do, you will not regret it.

Come for a visit.

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