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AntiGrief Tekkit?


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Hello friends, I have a question to see if you can help me. On my server there are people who use different objects of the Mods, as "WeaponMod" to destroy creations of other users is there any mod that detects broken who in certain cubes?

I've tried using Bukkit plugins as "CoreProtect" or "Hawkeye", but these plugins only detect the blocks that have been destroyed by Minecraft tools like spikes, ax, shovel, fist, etc ...

What I can do?. Thank you very much!

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I use them on my server and works very good, also all together.

The only thing you need to know to effectively block an item is that Tekkit Customizer always want a specification.

For example if you must block-ban the item with ID 100 you must write 100:* also if the in-game TMI or Wiki say just 100.

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